Sales in European and extra-European markets increase day by day and Morando S.p.A. export sales are over 20% of total turnover, involving the retail channel (supermarkets, hypermarkets) and specialist channel (stores, garden centers and veterinary clinics).

For furhter information: export.dept@morando.it

The company is able to offer to the foreign market a wide products range, thanks to the strong link among sales, marketing and R&D departments. Vision: work in the best way together with import companies and to offer the right product assortment. Mission: satisfy the needs of pet owners and follow market trends. These targets can be reached through co-marketing activities, reaching high level of brand awareness among current and future customers. Thanks to R&D work, Morando S.p.A. is able to improve and renew constantly its products, that are quickly available on the overseas market.

Selling in actions  is the basis of the export sales philosophy. Morando S.p.a. does not want to be just a supplier for distributors and key accounts, but it also wants to provide strong support to meet the real needs of end customer, in terms of products and services. Thanks to the teamwork and to a marketing oriented vision, the company can follow market trends and anticipate needs; the constant collaboration with the trade assures the widespread product distribution and its presence in the territory.

The internal laboratory and the export office work together to analyze pets’ needs and to offer the best solution and the best product for each importing Country. The laboratory works in addition as help desk to inform the sellers and traders about product characteristics and nutrition education. Thank to tailor-made projects and business plans for each importer/distributor, Morando SpA is able to create the best offer based on the potentiality of the partner and on market trends. Our marketing operating system helps to develop specific projects for each partner, maintaining only one brand identity and implementing advertising campaigns focusing on the foreign market and aiming the development of the brand. Our goal is to develop further foreign markets selecting new potential and reliable partners in Countries where we are not present.