ur commercial approach is based especially on the development and   training of our team, so that we can offer our customers skilled people able to suggest with facts how to seize market opportunities. Migliorcane and Migliorgatto products are “il cibo amico di ogni giorno” (delicious food for everyday) for our cats and dogs. Our aim is to strengthen this aspect through the quality and range of our products, their presence in the stores and their visibility on the shelf. The keywords of Morando philosophy are:

Quality -> careful selection of raw materials, both of vegetable and animal origin, to obtain a high quality product able to satisfy all buyers and end consumers.

Well-being -> search for highly digestible food with a balanced energy intake thanks to the right blend of vitamins, protein, mineral salts and Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids: essential elements to have a healthy pet.

Wide range -> a wide variety of recipes, both for dry and wet food, which is expressed in a wide and complete range with high palatability and able to satisfy every need.

Service -> quick delivery times of the product in the shops are essential both for direct and end customers.