Migliorcane "cibo amico di ogni giorno" (delicious food for everyday) is available in a wide variety of flavours to satisfy even the most demanding palates. Different types of excellent quality meat, fish, vegetables and cereals are skillfully mixed to create tasty dry and wet foods, rich in proteins, vitamins, fibres and enriched with Omega-3 and 6, essential fats to have every day your four-legged friend in a great shape.
  • MIGLIORCANE Prestige

    Milgiorcane Prestige is the new range of pouches in multipacks for small dogs. Taste, refinement and practicality, together. A delicacy that stimulates the appetite of the most demanding dogs, a mix of selected ingredients that helps assimilation in the digestive system and an ideal chunk size.

    Migliorcane Unico is the first monoproteic product in pouches for small dogs. Migliorcane Unico is a complete food suitable for the daily nutrition of small dogs, made with natural ingredients. Its main features are to be composed of 100% of a single protein and being cereal free. Such receiving makes it the ideal product for those who want to preserve dogs from possible food intollerances to specific meat.
  • MIGLIORCANE I Preferiti

    Migliorcane I Preferiti is a Premium line, which includes products studied for every size of the dog. All alutrays are enriched with propolis and royal jelly, to take more care on our dogs’ health. The “Well-being Formula”, studied for croquettes, helps to improve the digestibility and to maintain the bowel efficient and healthy. All pates and chunks are steamed.

    Miocane is a new super premium line, properly studied for the specialized channel. Heart-shaped croquettes, with a new innovative formula for the first time on the market: MyNat-Pro, an exclusive combination of active ingredients. A GMO free blend of plant extracts including: grapefruit, turmeric, grapes, rosemary, cloves.
  • MIGLIORCANE Professional Nutribene

    Migliorcane Professional with the new Nutribene formula, remains the same product range from which it arises and belongs: a product exclusively for the specialized channel. It is a high quality product with an elegant packaging; it has a new recipe with a balanced mix of meats and vegetal ingredients to satisfy the daily nutritional need of the dog.
  • MIGLIORCANE Professional

    The Migliorcane Professional line has been suitably created to meet the needs of demanding customers, who prefer specialist and agricultural stores and garden centers. It is a high quality product, in elegant packaging made with top quality raw materials. Furthermore, it has a wide range which satisfies every tastes and nutritional intakes.