Products suitable for horses that undertake normal daily exercise consisting of feeds with special characteristics which can satisfy the full nutritional needs of the animal and guarantee a correct intake of protein, fibre, salts and vitamins. Morando skillfully blends high quality crushed and flaked cereals, selected forage, fava beans and carobs to give you a complete product and ensure that your horse is always healthy and in good shape.

    Morando offers high quality feeds packed with flaked and crushed cereals for a healthy fibre intake and energy-protein balance as well as vitamins and mineral salts. Available in versions for adult horses, brood mares and foals who are active or perform medium/light exercise, the entire range is highly digestible with high nutritional performance for great shape horses.

    The Morando "Sport Range" has been created to meet the needs of horses in full exercise that do sport at various levels from medium/light work to intense exercise and especially for animals that take part in competitions and have high levels of energy expenditure . In periods of intense exercise and periods of recovery, Morando can provide the right product for every need as well as guaranteeing excellent physical shape and performance.

    The Morando "breeding range" feeds have been designed to meet the nutritional needs of mares and foals from gestation through to complete weaning and for the entire period of growth. A correct nutritional intake for mares during pregnancy and nursing and correct feeding in the subsequent life stages of foals guarantee that they will grow to be healthy with strong skeletal development, perfect limbs and powerful, perfectly defined muscle mass.

    In addition to its traditional feeds, Morando offers a number of products that complement its extensive range. It sells dust-free mixed hay also mixed with forage, alfalfa and flaked cereals, unique freshly sieved French black oats and dust-free straw in pellet form for dry, comfortable bedding at all times.