Our manufacturing locations

We have two modern manufacturing plants that extend over 90 thousand mq in Andezeno and Molfetta, housing the most advanced technologies for a cutting-edge production process featuring systematic quality controls at every step. Significant, ongoing investment has allowed us to become established leaders in the Italian market and abroad.

Andezeno production output
Molfetta production output
Dry food: over 100,000 tons/year Wet food: over 140,000 tons/year
Tins: 250,000,000 tins/year
Trays: 70,000,000 trays/year
Pouches: 60,000,000 pouches/year
Supply chain
Five distribution platforms for a networked presence across Italy.

Andezeno (To)

Molfetta (Ba)

Our certifications

Both the manufacturing facilities of Morando are certified in compliance with international food quality and safety standards. Specifically, both sites have achieved the highest grade of International Food Standard (IFS) certification. This achievement, for the approval and selection of food-product suppliers, demonstrates our commitment to providing customers and consumers with a safe and high-quality product combined with excellent service. Furthermore, Morando is one of the first companies in Italy to have achieved this important certification for pet food.

Private Label

We are capable of developing joint projects for creation of complete food ranges for small animals. We can employ the know-how of our Research and Development Department to support design of a line structured according to customer’s requirements using selected high-quality recipes and ingredients. With our experience, cutting-edge technology and the flexibility of our manufacturing unit, we can create foods which are appetizing and offer the perfect balance to satisfy the requirements of small animals and appeal visually to pet owners. Close collaboration with the commercial team allows us a detailed understanding of customer requirements, combining close knowledge of trends in the various market segments with optimisation of potential and the capabilities of the company.

For further information: export@morando.it

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