Morando, official partner of the 2018 Giro d’Italia, supported our four-legged friends across the country with a special charity project alongside the Italian National League for the Defence of Dogs (LNDC). “The best way to help them”, is the name of this charity project, which had the goal of telling the story throughout the Giro d’Italia event of the work that many, many volunteers are involved in every day to raise public awareness around fundamental topics such as respect for animals, the importance of correct, cruelty-free nutrition as a guarantee of health, sterilisation, informed adoption and a STOP to the phenomenon of abandonment. Morando awarded eight LNDC structures, making a donation to cover the costs of maintaining 100 animals per structure for a year, for a total of 800 animals, both dogs and cats, which was supplemented by donations from those who took part by making a small contribution.

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